Tips for the safety of Pedestrians

The number of pedestrians that is facing the risk of accidents on the busy streets increases. This is often due to bad weather and a speeding car and each year, pedestrians that are getting injured or killed still increases by those unavoidable accidents. The safety on the road must done by both motorist but here are the simple steps a pedestrian can do in order to stay safe.

Pedestrian must also do something in order for motorist to see them. A pedestrian can make some changes on what they wear especially at night to increase the visibility. For example, you could use bright colored clothes for you to stand out in the dark or with minimal light and also you could use reflective materials to indicate your presence. You could also use flashlight to illuminate your path at night and this will also indicate your presence to the drivers even from a distance.

You could also implement proper practices on your daily routines thus becoming visible to the drivers like crossing the streets in marked intersection for pedestrians only because this designated crosswalk has sign or symbols that alerts drivers for possible pedestrians crossing. In addition to this, crosswalks are well-lit at night making a pedestrian more visible. In walking the street, you should also ensure that you are on the side of the street or in curve streets, you should walk on the side with no obstacles for the driver to see you clearly.

A pedestrian should also avoid dangerous behavior while walking like plating or even making a call or sending a text message. Be sure to be on the sidewalk at all times but not all streets have sidewalk for pedestrians so in this case, you should always walk facing the traffic. This will allow the motorist to see you as well as you could also see the approaching vehicles for you to be able to act accordingly just in case something will happen. Don’t ever assume that you are 100% safe whenever you are walking. Not all drivers follow simple rules on the streets especially those drivers who do other things while driving like texting oh having a call. There are still undisciplined drivers on the streets no matter how strict the law is so you should always be careful and not fully rely on the signage. In crossing the street, always look both ways and always avoid jaywalking or crossing in ways that is not intended or not the right way.

Finally, all pedestrians should always be aware of your behavior and to be vigilant on the street to avoid accidents resulting to minor injuries or fatal accidents.

You should follow traffic signals and signage. A simple rule like not crossing when the signal indicates that “do not walk” when not followed could lead to accidents. Before crossing, you should not only look both ways but also you should hear the traffic. Knowing that there is something approaching could alert you but you can’t do it if you are listening to music while walking because this limit your ability of hearing the traffic and it is a distraction just like talking on the phone. If you face accident, you might be entitled to damages so look for car accident lawyer colorado springs to protect your right especially if you will have major injury cause by reckless driver.